Commercial and Domestic Legionella Risk Assessments in Fife

Fife’s towns and villages are supplied by water from various reservoirs, operated by Scottish Water, in the Lomond Hills. If you live in Fife it’s likely that your water and sewerage services come from Scottish Water, the cost of which is included in your council tax bill.

Some rural parts of Fife may have a private water supply. This means that their water comes from a spring, borehole, well, river or loch rather than Scottish Water. The Drinking Water Quality Regulator for Scotland provides more information about private water management and treatment.

Since 1st April 2008, non-household customers could choose their water supplier in a bid to make water rates more competitive.

Regardless of where your water comes from, new Scottish legislation states that landlords who rent out entire properties or even a room within their home have a legal duty to ensure the health and safety of their tenants by conducting a Legionella Risk Assessment.

Any water system that stores and/or recirculates water is at high risk of breeding excess amounts of legionella. Below are a few water vessels that should be considered for a regular Legionella Risk Assessment.

  • Hot water tanks
  • Cold storage tanks
  • Hot tubs
  • Swimming pool


From our base in Perth, PHX provide water treatment services across Scotland, including Fife. We service private businesses, hotels, Airbnbs, holiday lets and domestic properties. If you’re a landlord or property manager, our expert engineers can help you with legionella risk assessments, water testing and remedial works.

Legionella Risk Assessment for Private Landlords in Fife

It’s the law for landlords in Fife, or premises managers, to conduct Legionella Risk Assessments on your holiday lets, Airbnbs or any other residential lettings. Failure to comply with new Scottish Government legislation means you could face hefty fines or imprisonment. The Fife City Council website and HSE provide more information and advice.

Commercial Legionella Risk Assessments

The new law also applies to any employer or the person in charge of a commercial premises. If your business operates any kind of water system, such as hot and cold water storage tanks to swimming pools and hot tubs, then you’ll need a Legionella Risk Assessment to keep your business legally compliant.

FREE Legionella Guide For Fife Landlords

Landlords can conduct a Legionella Risk Assessment themselves provided they are competent to do so. Double check advice from Fife Council below:

A Legionella Risk Assessment is about more than clean water.

It’s peace of mind that you’re legally compliant and not risking lives.

pHX are leading Legionella Risk Assessment providers in Fife. 90% of first-time clients return to us for remedial works because they trust our expert team to keep their water safe and bacteria free.

We’ll keep you compliant with the Approved Code of Practice (ACoP L8, HSG 274) and rather than leave you with a list of problems, we combine remedial works, legionella testing and ongoing maintenance into one simple monthly repayment.

Our Legionella Risk Assessment Process

Our thorough risk assessment process means we’ve got you fully covered when it comes to Legionella and the law.

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Fife L8 Risk Assessment FAQs

It is mandatory that landlords throughout Scotland, including Fife, risk assess their property to reduce the risk of exposure to Legionella. PHX offer full legally compliant Legionella Risk Assessments for landlords, homeowners, and commercial properties.

You are not legally obligated to review your Legionella risk assessment annually but it’s important to test your water from time to time in case anything changes.

The Legionella risk assessment can be carried out by anyone competent to do so. This could be the landlord or a specially trained water treatment company.

A Legionella risk assessment is different from water testing and water sampling. UK law applicable to the Fife area requires you undertake a legionella risk assessment regularly in accordance with the Health and Safety Legislation at Work Act 1974 to show you are compliant with the HSE’s HSG 274 Legionella guidelines.

Following Legionella risk assessment, you may find that water testing or sampling is required as a precaution. Testing and sampling isn’t a legal requirement but may be necessary to ensure your water system is safe and to determine the most efficient way to manage your water system.

An L8 risk assessment and testing or sampling are best carried out together to maximise effectiveness and control.

A commercial Legionella risk assessment in Fife can vary from £250 to over £750.

Domestic Legionella risk assessments vary widely depending on the size of the property, water assets present and whether properties are multiple or single landlord.

Legionella is commonly transmitted by inhaling contaminated water droplets. Air conditioning cooling towers, hot and cold water systems, humidifiers, showers and whirlpool spas are common culprits for harbouring legionella.

Legionella bacteria naturally occurs in Scotland’s water sources such as rivers, lochs, and reservoirs. It can infiltrate manmade water systems and breed in your water tank between temperatures of 20°C and 45°C .

When you inhale contaminated droplets, you’re at risk of catching Legionnaires’ disease. Legionnaire’s disease is a potentially fatal pneumonia that’s fatal in around 10% of cases. That’s why it’s important to conduct a regular risk assessment for Legionnaire’s disease.

You cannot usually contract Legionella from drinking contaminated water. It’s more likely to become infected by inhaling tiny droplets of bacteria that contain the infection although you can get Legionnaire’s disease from taps and showers that aren’t used often and where stagnant water gathers.

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